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global_tours's Journal

8 March
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We are travel agent owner and local incoming tour operator in Cameroon; we
make airline reservations and issue airline tickets from short day trips to
complex journeys around the world. Hotel rooms and cruises and Offer the
best tour packages to tourist, We are also assisting travelers obtain travel
visas and passports, arranging transportation from the airport to the hotel,
conducting research for groups and company retreats, business meeting,
conferences and trade shows we also partake in event planning services for
special events such as wedding and corporate events and provide total travel
budget management for companies and to keep their cost to minimum. Our staff
are also able to give professional advice to travelers with regards to where
to go sightseeing, engage in adventure & sports, what to eat and drink, and
recommend the best buys in the area. They are knowledgeable about health,
customs and immigration requirements of a country, foreign exchange and can
identify languages and social norms.
We are pleased to cooperate with your company and request that you add Cameroon to
your tour destination so that we can work hand in hand.
Nana Feh
Global bush travel and tourism agency
00237 33 156 705/0023733477000